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Our Mission

mission-possibleMission: Seeing

Hubie Magic is committed to helping players, teams, coaches, and/or large organizations learn the most perfect way to hit a baseball or softball ever discovered. Our revolutionary discovery, we call Hubie Magic,  has been scientifically tested and analyzed throughout the past decade and has over a 90 percent success rate with both individuals and/or teams. The Hubie Magic trials were conducted with males and females ranging in league level from little league to major league with the same rate of success across the board.

Mission: Believing

Now Hubie Magic has all the tools (books, videos, articles, and live training) to share the perfect swing in its simplest form. With these tools, Hubie Magic’s goal is to continue to help all athletes, who dream of hitting a baseball or softball, to reach their full potential. Even to the point of resurrecting or continuing their career. A major goal would be to give each individual the best training and tools available to make their dreams and goals attainable. The Hubie Magic Training Program includes training in confidence and mental toughness in sports. The program gives baseball or softball players everything they need to be successful in all aspects of life, not just on the field.

Mission: Trusting

As part of our mission, we, at Hubie Magic, are dedicated to training as many players and teams as possible. Not just in the U.S. but in all countries that play the game. In order to make this happen, Hubie Magic provides a coaches training course. Coaches spend a weekend with Hubie to learn and become certified trainers for our very simple, but powerful system. Once certified, coaches are able to train their teams, individuals and other coaches in any state or country. They can then spread the word and help teams meet or exceed the standards and success rate that Hubie Magic has established. For this reason it will be important for interested coaches to pass our certification classes and master the contents in our baseball or softball training packages.

Mission: Continuing

The psychological aspect to this program is just as important in our mission. Hubie Magic includes his proven confidence and mental toughness course as part of the entire training program. A players mental game is equally important as his/hers physical game. Our confidence program (books and training) teaches baseball and softball players how to maintain a level of being “in the zone” for the remainder of their careers. SEEING, BELIEVING, TRUSTING, CONTINUING, and FINISHING is our mission motto and Hubie Magic does not take it lightly.

Our mission statement means we, The Hubie Magic Team, pledges to help players, from little league to major league baseball, reach the following goals for hitting.

1. Increase your bat speed by 5 – 15 mph

2. Increase your batting average by 30- 150 points.

3. Increase your slugging percentage by 30-150 points.

4. Increase confidence levels by 5- 50 times.

5. Increase your chance to continue your playing career with greatest success.

Hubie Magic feels very strongly that our mission will be a huge success. We also have faith in you, that you will meet all your goals through the use of our learning tools provided online and in live training sessions with a certified Hubie Magic Trainer/Coach.

Mission: Finishing

We also feel that a whole new positive perspective on life can be attained through our trainings and courses. We have witnessed many times how successes on the field naturally spread to other aspects of a player’s life; including better family relationships, more focus on school work, overall accomplishments, overcoming obstacles and setting bigger attainable goals in life. The power of the Hubie Magic Training Program can literally change your life.

- Hubie Magic

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Today, more than 60 percent of professional baseball players are graduates of The American Legion Baseball program. About 89,000 high-school-age youths play on Legion-sponsored teams each year. 

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